First catch (and release) of the summer!!!  A little white perch! Baiting our lines The goslings are growing Our sweet chickens The ladder ball champs! Fresh brewed iced tea with mint from the herb garden A few healthy snacks The roses are in full bloom! 

Lilies of the Valley

The sweet smell of Lily of the Valley fills the air as I sit on my porch and begin to write this post,.  Each year our lilies grow stronger and more abundant.  The new additions appear to stand alone in the patch, but just beneath 


At the north end of the city, tucked away in the beautiful neighborhood of Guilford, lie the Sherwood Gardens.  Also known as the tulip gardens, this is one of my favorite places in Baltimore.  A few days ago, the sun was shining so my mom 

Happy Earth Day!

As I write this post, the cherry blossoms are beginning to fall.  I’m sitting in my office with the windows open, a gentle breeze is blowing and it looks a bit like pink snow flurry with all the cherry blossom petals swirling around.  I’m sipping 



  I started beekeeping about three years ago after taking a class at the local nature center.  It didn’t take long to become very passionate about the bees.  I’ve always enjoyed my organic fruit trees and vegetable gardens and the bees are a very important